My name is Yvonne Sullivan. I am a co-author, diviner, numerologist, and creator of the 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) and the NOC divination system. I come from a bloodline of spiritually gifted women.


I have studied Western numerology and applied its concepts for over 20 years. I have spent over a decade using NOC to help others gain spiritual insight. My ongoing research includes a [numerological] approach to help others discover their ancestral patterns. My attraction to Western numerology is unsurprising because I have an intuitive connection to numbers. I also earned an undergraduate degree in accounting and have been a licensed CPA for over 20 years.


If I were a superhero, my superpower would be conceptualization. I have this knack for coming up with creative ideas and organizing them. This natural ability plays a huge role in how I work with others. By the way, runner-up superpowers would be empathy and charisma.


I work with my benevolent ancestors, who guide and protect me. My divination tools, including the NOC deck and boards, are attuned to them. This approach works. I share an established, yet evolving, language with my benevolent ancestors. Communication is fluid and includes dreams, numbers, and my clair- senses. Claircognizance, clear knowing, is my dominant sense.