My name is Yvonne Sullivan. I am a diviner, numerologist, creator of the 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC), and licensed CPA. I come from bloodlines of spiritually gifted women. Queen of NOC is my trade name.

I have studied and applied the science of numbers and letters (or numerology) for nearly 20 years. (I spent about 10 of those years using NOC to help others gain spiritual insight.) My attraction to the occult science is unsurprising because I have an intuitive relationship with numbers.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be conceptualization. I have this knack for organizing creative ideas and concepts. This natural ability plays a huge role in how I communicate and work. It allows me to help individuals effectively brainstorm and discover ways to move forward on their life paths. By the way, runner-up superpowers would be empathy and charisma.

I work with my spirit guides and benevolent ancestors, who guide and protect me. Their presence in my life is confirmed daily and when I perform readings. 
All of my divination tools, including the NOC deck and boards, are attuned to them and Divine Wisdom. This approach works just fine. I share an established, yet evolving, language with my spirit guides and benevolent ancestors. Communication is more fluid and includes numbers, dreams, and symbols. 

Tarot was my first introduction to divination tools. I read Tarot in the upright and reversed positions. Over the years, I have also created and embraced additional “tools of the trade” to ensure that I am a well-rounded reader. Those tools include oracle cards, playing cards (cartomancy), pendulum, and spirit boards and charms for casting. The NOC deck and boards are my primary divination tools.

I live in Ohio.