Classic PLUS / $111

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Classic NOC Reading PLUS is the most comprehensive reading offered. It involves a 9-card Classic NOC spread* to determine the core issue, influences, the hidden, and how to rise above it for best outcome. Other divination tools used in this reading are custom spirit boards (and charms) and a pendulum. This allows you to gain the greatest insight into the subject. You may ask up to 6 questions (including yes/no formatted questions). The results are delivered as a pre-recorded YouTube unlisted video (up to 90 minutes in length) that will be timestamped. The results are not sugarcoated.

The reading also includes the following sections:


Pre-NOC Reading

During the pre-NOC reading, I discern information about the person or situation before I use divination tools such as the NOC deck, custom boards, and pendulum. This is how I performed readings before I created the NOC deck. As a claircognizant, I have a sense of knowing about a person or situation. I also apply the science of number and letters (or numerology) to the subject’s full name and birthdate for additional insight, when available.  

NOC Divination Boards and Charms

These custom "spirit" boards are used by me to cast charms to discern additional information about the subject of the NOC reading. Unlike the ouija board, NOC divination boards were not designed to make direct contact with unknown spirits (or entities). They were designed to connect with the spiritual energies (or vibrations) of numbers and my benevolent ancestor and spirit guides similar to the NOC deck. 


pendulum for yes/no questions. Additional NOC, Tarot, oracle cards, and playing cards may be used for

*Additional NOC, Tarot, oracle cards, and playing cards may be used for clarification.