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The 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) is your answer to how the deeper meaning of numbers, as defined by Numerology, can provide insight related to a person or situation in the format of an oracle card. No numbers to calculate. No years required to study Numerology or other occult sciences. 

The NOC deck is based upon Western Numerology (aka Pythagorean). It includes the following types of cards:
  • Positive, Negative, and Destructive Aspects of Numbers 1-9 represent the nature or motive of the subject, which can be a person or situation.
  • Karmic NOC represents what a person or situation reaps based upon what was sowed.  
  • Master NOC represents the greater potential within a person or in a situation.
  • Angelic NOC provides divine guidance or instruction.
  • Other NOC further clarifies. 
The number of cards in the deck, 111, symbolizes the act of setting your intentions.

The NOC deck complements tarot and other oracle decks and, therefore, can be used with them in a spread.