Discover what the 111-Card Deck of Numerology Oracle Cards (NOC) has to say about the person or situation that is weighing on your mind. Do you have pressing questions about your career, business, money, love life, or otherwise? Request a reading today to gain insight. Select from live or prerecorded options: 

Live Options
Do you prefer to interact with me in real-time? You can access my calendar to book a live NOC reading today. Select from a few options: chat, phone, or video.

Prerecorded Options 
Do you prefer to access the results of your NOC reading later? Simply book a basic or Classic NOC reading to receive a report. Select from a few formats: audio, print, and video. 

This 3-card spread will provide helpful insight into a person or situation.

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This 9-Card spread will provide greater insight into a person or situation. 

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